ABCs of ARCs

ABCs of ARCs is the brainchild of my passion for web design and books--a blog updated weekly about going through the advanced reading copies (ARCS) of books. For the design. I stayed within a black and white palette adding pops of colors to keep it modern and interesting. The main page features a title and blurb followed by the latest posts centered in the screen to keep everything neat and tidy. Beyond the homepage, you will find an archive in alphabetical order by title, and the traditional contact and about pages. Keeping the pages to a minimum with a simple, yet elegant design, I wanted to display the articles rather than hide them with excess clutter that can often bog down blogs.

Screenshot of ABCs of ARCs 1
A clean homepage with modern fonts and cool, undistracting colors, putting all focus on the content. A fixed naviagtion bar allows users quick acess to the archive at any point if they wish to explore futher readings or find out more about the blog.
Screenshot of ABCs of ARCs 2
Each blog post features the usual information including title, author, and the posting date. An egg-shaped (fitting more towards a book cover rather than a true circle) image of the book adds dimension to the page, breaking up the rectangluar header. Below, a three-word description of the book followed by the blog post lets users skim quickly to see if they are interested in a partiular post.
Screenshot of ABCs of ARCs 3
As with most blogs, an archive is available. However, I chose to order it by title of the book, rather than post dates, as the feature of the blog is the books. The archive is alphabetical--clicking on one of the top letters will bring a user to his/her destination.