Speculation Books & Curios

Speculation Books & Curious is a project that began as an imiation of a local bookstore, eventually morphing into its own entity. I employed a clean design with muted but playful colors trying to modernize the idea of a bookstore, without losing the essence of a bookstore. Each page has a similar template for continuity, but with small variations throughout based on content and user needs. Features include staff suggestion blurbs that pop up on book covers, an events calendar, and a beautiful mobile layout.

Screenshot of Bookstore 1
Users are welcomed to a comfortable homepage page featuring a quick quip about the bookstore. Below (not shown) are featured upcoming events that help to keep the page dynamic and up to date while generating interest for the events themselves. Further below, large tiles act as a roadmap for the site to quickly access whatever a user is looking for.
Screenshot of Bookstore 3
Under staff suggestions, users can hover over each indivdual book to reveal a summary or blurb written by an employee recommending the book. The information is presented quickly and efficiently for the user. On a mobile device, users will tap on the cover to view the blurb.
Screenshot of Bookstore 4
The events calendar is created from a list, CSS3, and smidge of javascript. Users are able to click through to the next month to see upcoming events, or if they are intriqued in a particular event, they can click through to find out more information about it.
Screenshot of Bookstore 2
For a sample of more in depth pages, here is a look at the book club page. At the top, there is a brief description of the local book clubs followed by large images of the upcoming book club picks. Users are able to click on the images and are brought down to their selection. The information is clear and concise with a balance of a smaller image of the bookcover to either the right or the left, depending on which bookclub.